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HDG Architects Holds their Annual Adopt-a-Landmark Volunteer Day at the Oliver Miller Homestead

May 5, 2023

On Friday, May 5th, 2023, HDG Architects, headquartered in Robinson Township, held its annual company-wide Adopt-a-Landmark program at the Oliver Miller Homestead, a Pioneer Landmark and Whiskey Rebellion Site, located in South Park, Pennsylvania.  Throughout the day, HDG employees, along with Oliver Miller volunteers and staff, completed interior cleaning of the homestead and various outdoor landscaping tasks, including the widening of footpaths, staining outdoor furniture, and general landscaping.

According to the Oliver Miller Homestead website, “This old stone farmhouse nestled among the trees in South Park is a sturdy remnant of frontier days. In 1772, Oliver Miller, his wife Mary Tidball Miller and nine of their then children first settled in a log home in the wilderness. Led by Reverend John McMillan, families gathered there to worship before there was a church. Sons of Oliver Miller served in the frontier militia and Revolutionary War and were later involved in the Whiskey Rebellion.” Today, the property is maintained by a dedicated volunteer organization, the Oliver Miller Homestead Associates. In addition to the stone farmhouse, there are three additional buildings on the property; the springhouse, a two-story log house, and a “bank” barn. For additional information on the Oliver Miller Homestead, visit

Coming up, the Oliver Miller Homestead will be holding a Fiber, Fabric, & Fashion event to kick off their spring season on Sunday, May 21st, 2023.  The event will include demonstrations of how clothing was made, types of clothing worn during the frontier days, and a fashion show! Click here for a list of all of their upcoming events:

HDG’s Adopt-a-Landmark program is focused on the important role that the architectural profession can play in honoring local historic landmarks to ensure their upkeep and maintenance. While there are a number of funding programs that focus on helping historical buildings, they are limited, so support from other organizations and local community members is becoming more and more necessary.  Without local help with funding and upkeep of these beautiful buildings, many of them may be in danger of falling into disrepair.

“Our Adopt-a-Landmark program is one in which all of our employees fully support.  One of our firm’s missions is to provide community service by hosting this volunteer day each year.  We hope to play a role in preserving our local landmarks so future generations can continue to enjoy the rich history and culture they provide, and also help others learn about their part in our local history.  This year all 16 employees donated their time for the day and we made significant headway on many much-needed improvements.” stated HDG President, Mark Duane, AIA.

HDG’s day of service began in 2016, with employees volunteering at one of the most recognized architectural landmarks in the world, Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA. Since then, other landmarks served have included the Woodville Plantation near Bridgeville, PA; the Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall in Carnegie, PA; the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, PA, one of only five National Historic Landmarks in Pittsburgh; and the Walker-Ewing Log House built circa 1795 in Oakdale, Pennsylvania.

“We hope our efforts will encourage other companies and individuals in the design and construction industries to provide similar efforts to help our region’s landmarks so they can be enjoyed for many, many years to come,” said Duane.




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