Pittsburgh Public Schools

Pittsburgh Public Schools – Minadeo Elementary School

In an effort to improve building energy efficiency and provide cooling to the classrooms the Pittsburgh Public Schools engaged our design team to replace the HVAC and lighting throughout the existing Minadeo Elementary School (Serving K-5). The goal of the improvements were to modify and replace the ceilings to accommodate the new upgraded M/E/P systems. During the building investigation phase, it became apparent that the existing corridor walls did not extend to the floor above and by replacing the existing plaster ceilings with acoustic ceiling tile that the fire separation would be compromised. As a result, the District elected to add a new fire sprinkler system throughout the building to replace the lost fire separation and provide better protection for the students, faculty, and administration. For an upgraded look in the classrooms, the horizontal unit ventilators were replaced with additional wall mounted casework and on the corridor walls all casework was replaced with ADA compliant units to accommodate sinks and work surfaces. Additionally, the gym was given an upgraded appearance and all new equipment. Throughout the school, a fresh look was provide through the use of vibrant paint colors on architectural features, select walls, and door frames.