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Wilson Elementary Begins Fall Semester Classes

September 02, 2014

Wilson Elementary School Students Begin on Time After Phase I Construction

September 2 – Students from Wilson Elementary School began their first day of school successfully and on-time after Phase I of construction was completed.  Phase I included demolition of interior classroom and office partitions as well as the existing roof, windows, and entrances.  Phase I also included re-pointing and repairing existing brick and limestone masonry.

Two new entrance towers, a bus canopy, and a new District Administration addition were constructed outside of the existing structure.  A new School Administration suite, library, cafeteria, and several new classrooms were completed within the existing structure.  A new roof, new storefront entrances and new windows were also installed.

Students will be using new classrooms spaces as well as some temporary classroom spaces for the duration of the 2014-2015 school year, according to the phased construction plan.

Phases II and III will continue throughout the school year and into the summer of 2015.

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