Peters Township High School

Peters Township High School

HDG Architects partnered with Weber Murphy Fox (WMF) to perform a Feasibility Study for the Peters Township School District to determine the viability of renovating the existing Peters Township High School versus building a new high school.  In addition, HDG/WMF performed a Facilities Assessment of the District’s other facilities. Based on these studies, the School District decided to construct a new high school building on a portion of the former Rolling Hills Country Club property that the District had recently purchased.

The HDG/WMF team was hired by the District to provide complete architectural and engineering services for the new high school.  During the design process, the HDG/WMF team developed a preliminary Conceptual Design that preserved the integrity of the open land, rolling hills, and beautiful vistas on the existing site.  These features were integrated into the final design of the building and the exterior aspects of the site including new sports fields, plazas, and parking areas.  Stakeholder meetings were also held to determine and establish necessary security features of the new high school.  These aspects include a secure, single point of entry, wide corridors, cameras, and an emergency notification system.

The new 298,000 SF, three-story high school will consist of three wings (Academic, Fine Arts, and Physical Education).  Features of the new high school include: fifty general instruction classrooms surrounding a two-story Learning Commons with an adjacent learning stair, 1,200-seat performance auditorium, food court style cafeteria with an outdoor dining patio, 2,000-seat multi-sport gymnasium, 300-seat auxiliary gymnasium, and an 8-lane natatorium.  The design also features 21st century learning concepts including interactive technology and spaces that promote collaboration with flexible furniture arrangements.  Security features were also incorporated into the design and include secure, single point of entry, wide corridors, cameras, and an emergency notification system. Construction of the new high school began in July 2018 and is anticipated to be complete in early 2021.

Photos copyright HDG Architects, SitelogIQ, and Ruben A. Campos