CCBC Social Distancing Capacity Study

CCBC – Social Distancing Capacity Study

HDG recently assisted CCBC in understanding how social distancing guidelines might be implemented on their campuses when students and staff return to an on-campus curriculum. HDG analyzed current building floor plans, room sizes, existing furniture, furniture arrangements, and determined the maximum occupant load for each room given social distancing guidelines.

The maximum occupant analysis takes into account a combination of the size of the room, existing furniture size and arrangement, and any fixed furniture or casework that would be difficult to relocate. This information was translated into color-coded floor plans and a matrix that clearly defines the social distancing occupancy for any given instructional or administrative space. The analysis identifies spaces that would benefit from different furniture layouts or types, determine the spatial needs for office or administrative staff, and analyzes how under-utilized rooms could be recaptured for new programmatic space, like additional offices or classrooms, and other potential modifications to these spaces.

HDG can perform an analysis of this type for educational institutions or other facilities to help owners and administrators prepare for reopening, while identifying short- and long-term changes that can be made to ensure the health and safety of occupants. The resulting information will allow owners to plan for continuing operations during the COVID-19 pandemic and also prepare for the unpredictable post-COVID landscape.