Kristy Costanzo

Project Architect
Master of Architecture and Masters in Business Administration, Kent State University
Bachelor of Science in Architecture, Kent State University
What year did you join the firm?
Areas of Focus
Design and draft, select finish materials, and perform construction administration duties
Manage work of Associate Architects and coordinate design & production work of consultants
Manage the Finish Library in the office and act as finishes point person for sales reps and colleagues

Why HDG Architects?
I like the people I work with and I feel like a part of a team. I’m not from Pittsburgh and everyone in the office is really supportive and helpful since I do not have any family around. I am constantly being pushed to take on more work and responsibility.

What is your favorite aspect of practicing architecture?
I enjoy seeing a project go from paper to real life. The first time I was able to stand in a building and see what I had drawn come to life was a really amazing experience. I also enjoy
the interior design aspect of what we do. It feels a little more personal to choose what the people that occupy the building will see and touch every day.

Your favorite building design/example of architecture in the world?
Duomo in Florence

Key Projects at HDG
Peters Township High School (Peters Township, PA)
Community College of Allegheny County – On-Call Architectural Service Projects (Allegheny County, PA)
Wabtec New Corporate Headquarters (Pittsburgh, PA)
Hayes Design Group New Offices at Ryan Court (Pittsburgh, PA)
West Greene Elementary Center Annex Addition (Waynesburg, PA)
West View Water Authority Water Treatment Plant (Economy & Baden, PA)

Specialty Areas of Expertise
As the manager of the office finishes library, I am typically knowledgeable about new or cutting-edge finishes, and assist others in the firm with selecting and specifying both interior and exterior finishes.

Art history, interior design, reading, playing tennis, home renovations

Kristy Costanzo