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HDG’s Kevin Hayes Featured in the March/April BreakingGround: Public Education Construction Outlook

April 6, 2021

The March/April issue of BreakingGround Magazine featured HDG Principal and Founder, Kevin Hayes, as he shared insights on the future of construction in the public education market.

In the issue’s feature article, Public Education Construction Outlook, Kevin reflected on HDG’s recent study for Bethel Park School District and discusses the impact of the trends of changing population demographics on public schools. This feature exhibits how HDG has analyzed and engaged with these changes in partnership with clients, and notes with our firm’s involvement in design of the $82 million New Peters Township High School, currently in the final stages of construction, that project is likely one of the largest in new K-12  construction in recent years, and potentially even in projects to come. The changing demographic impact on public school funding has been further amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic which has added a layer of economic uncertainty to the future construction outlook. This is further noted by Kevin Hayes as he discusses how the pandemic has affected the plans for the South Fayette Township School District’s master plan projects, as it mirrors the response of many institutions that are holding back for the time being.

Read the entire article in the March/April BreakingGround Magazine:

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