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HDG Projects Reach Important Milestones

As the first Quarter winds down and the weather turns warmer, the architects at Hayes Design Group (HDG) have been busy working across several key projects.  Recently two larger projects reached important milestones.

Carmichaels Elementary School

The project work at Carmichaels Elementary achieved the significant milestone of going out to bid to contractors, signifying the end of the design phase and proceeding on to construction.  The renovation work, which is projected to be complete in mid to late August, encompasses improvements that will increase accessibility, provide energy efficient lighting, and create a secure main entrance to the school.

Other improvements include student lockers in classrooms, upgrading finishes and replacing carpet to a more cleanable and durable surface.

The renovation to the elementary school is scheduled to be completed in the Fall and follows the Junior/Senior High School Project, which HDG did in 2015.

St. John Vianney  Manor – St. Paul Seminary

St. John Vianney Manor in Crafton, a residence for retired priests, is the latest collaboration between HDG and The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.  The project is nearing completion of the design development phase and will be moving on to the creation of the construction documents, with the goal of going out to bid in early May, (if bids are within budget).  The start of construction is planned  for June.

The scope of the project entails widespread renovation to the living and shared spaces to create more opportunities for socializing, fitness, and increased accessibility for limited mobility residents.  The construction will include the addition of five new suites, new shared spaces; including a fitness and game room, formal dining area, elevator and new building entrance that faces the rest of the Seminary campus.

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