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HDG Hired for Parish Feasibility Studies

August 25, 2015

Over the past several years, the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh has been working towards raising funds for a number of areas relating to ensuring the livelihood and longevity of their parishes.  The capital and endowment campaign – “The Church Alive” targeted $125,000,000 to be allocated towards vibrant parishes, Catholic education, evangelization and stewardship, and their existing “Our People Caring” program.  As the campaign comes to completion, many parishes are beginning to consider projects that were part of the initial planning process prior to the campaign.

As such, HDG has been hired to conduct a number of feasibility studies/master plans for parishes in the southwestern Pennsylvania area including: St. Teresa of Avila in Ross Township, St. Juan Diego in Sharpsburg, St. Barbara and Holy Child parishes in Bridgeville.  While each parish has its own different priorities, HDG will be working with the Parishes to confirm projects that were originally planned in conjunction with developing a comprehensive master plan.  With master plans in hand, pastors and committees at each parish can review their needs and confirm their course of action for future projects utilizing the funds raised in the Church Alive campaign.

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