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The Hayes Design Group- Architects Hired to Complete Feasibility Study for the Peters Township School District

May 31, 2016

The Hayes Design Group- Architects have been selected to complete a Feasibility Study for the existing Peters Township High School Building. The study commenced in May 2016, with a projected completion of October 2016.

The Feasibility Study will focus solely on the evaluation of the needs of the existing High School building.

The key intent of the study is to evaluate the building and determine the best use of the available space, while considering renovations to existing spaces that could solve current programming needs.

The Hayes Design Group, who has performed numerous Feasibility Studies with local School Districts, including for the new construction of the Bethel Park High School, will collaborate with the School Board, District Administration, Support Staff, Teachers and Students during the process. Engaging stakeholders will ensure the study takes into consideration the needs of the District and Community and reflects the evolving needs of the surrounding community; while creating new learning opportunities between the District and the Community. A comprehensive needs assessment and survey will help to yield research-based, well thought out recommendations and solutions.

Another key consideration of the study will be incorporating 21st Century Learning Concepts that will allow for collaborative learning spaces, community utilization of the facility and multi-media and technology capabilities to enrich the students’ learning experience.

The end-result of the project will be to put forth several recommendations for renovations to the existing high school that would extend the life of the building for 20 more years.  The School District is hoping to build consensus within the community on a design option that meets the future needs of the High School.

“Being part of the Design Team that is charged with developing ideas to renovate my alma mater and plan for the future needs of the School District will be a wonderful opportunity and a challenge I look forward to,” stated Mark Duane, Senior Associate of The Hayes Design Group, current Township resident and former student at Peters Township High School. “The Feasibility Study is an opportunity to explore various options for renovating the existing High School and provide good information to the District in order to make informed decisions on any building project moving forward. We look forward to engaging the School District and Community in this process to lay the foundation for an educational facility that creates a model learning environment.”

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