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Bombardier RCS Lab Renovation Bids Come in Under Budget

August 25, 2014

High-Tech Lab Renovation Bids Come in Under Budget

August 25 – With help from The Hayes Design Group – Architects, construction bids for the Bombardier RCS Lab Renovation came in under budget.

The building renovation includes a new configuration of the first floor office space to house Bombardier’s testing lab, also known as the FAT Lab and equipment, as well as additional open office space.  The space will include sleek column wraps and interior storefront glazing partitions, acoustic clouds, and new lighting.

“The existing facility offered excellent space for Bombardier’s new equipment and staff, but did not reflect the spirit of the company” said Mark Shannon, a Senior Associate from the Hayes Design Group.  “The Hayes Design Group worked with Bombardier and CJL Engineering to create a polished and innovative interior design that better reflected Bombardier as a leader in the industry.”

By working with contractors to prepare preliminary cost estimates, the Hayes Design Group was able to provide a more cost-effective design while still maintaining a high level of quality.  “We ultimately provided the client with the high-tech design they had envisioned and were able to do so within the confines of their budget,” said Shannon.

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