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April 02, 2014

Partnership between Client and Architect Bears Tangible Results

April 2014 – Last night, the Carmichaels Area School Board awarded contracts for renovation of the junior-senior high school. The Hayes Design Group – Architects, a full service architectural firm, designed the addition and alterations to the building. After carefully planning and executing a construction bidding process, final bids totaled just under $14 million, coming in under budget by $1.5 million.

The project bids were under budget for a number of reasons, but mainly because of the timely and proactive decision making by the Carmichaels School Board, administrators and teachers, said Kevin Hayes, President of Hayes Design Group. He added that detailed, transparent project drawings and specifications allowed for more accurate bidding.

“We investigated the issues that Carmichaels School District faced and thoroughly explored the best, integrated solutions,” said Hayes. “Our team on the project will continue to work diligently throughout the construction phase, as we did during the design and bid phases. We expect the renovated school to enhance the overall look and feel of the School District and the community.”

With the projects bids coming in under-budget, the District will now be able to invest in improving the educational and functional aspects of the Junior-Senior High School as well. For example, the student lockers in the Senior High School will be replaced, and the lighting in the Gymnasium will be renovated.

Hayes Design Group was able to incorporate design features to better connect the Junior and Senior schools with a Cafeteria and Kitchen addition, while improving fresh air flow and realigning educational spaces for improved organization, which enhance a modernized teaching curriculum.

Hayes said, “Another distinctive design feature for this historic building, which includes the original Cumberland High School built in 1929, is a number of energy-efficient amenities that will save significant utility and maintenance costs.”

Carmichaels School Board president Thomas Ricco said of the design and bidding efforts the District went through with the project, “It was a difficult process we’ve just completed in a good and civil manner.  Many other districts have tried to accomplish as much and failed.”

Construction on the project is set to begin in mid April.

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